Sextreme (+18)

I found a short funny story that was narrated by one of my close friends Rustam, and put down by me several years ago. Jesus ! I’m reading it, and you know what I’m thinking? This story could be a very good scenario for a cheap porn movie. Warning! Below is sexual content.  If you are under 18  stop reading and pass to another post.

That evening I had a date with my new GF. We met in the school yard. I was teeling her jokes and stories, playing stupid games and all that jazz..
It was 8-30 pm, when I was standing right by the school gates, my arms around her, and was passionately kissing her. She put her hand on my device and started playing with it. She is so sexy, and so cute, and she was doing all these things to me. Finally I decided to have a «quicky» with her. She said I’m crazy. »You are right, but we can discuss this later»- was my answer.
It wasn’t dark outside yet, and kids were coming out of school. I dragged her on the other side of the school building, bend her over and just gave it to her!
Then suddenly, her phone started to ring! I took the cellphone and looked at the display, it was one of her admirers!
I passed her the mobile, and said » Come on, answer this poor kid»
And imagine that, she is talking to that loser, ahile I’m banging her! She’s trying to suprees her feelings, but I’m banging her harder and harder! Then she screams: «Oh, shit! I gotta to run, just call me back!» – and hangs up. Then starts screaming and f*cking with me like wild cat.
After we came, we noticed that we were watched by a couple of kids. When I fastened my zipper, and turned back there were two kids running away and laughing.
THat was a hell of a wild night!
I took a taxi home, and when I got to the destination, the driver said : «There’s a white spot on your pants?
Me; – Where»?
The driver leaned forward, put his sossage-like finger in his mouse and started rubbing on my pants saying: «Right here!»…Then…oh, shit ..  he puts his finger back in his mouse and..yack…goes on rubbing on the spot.
«Oh, where have you been, bro, this white spot won’t go! You better clean it home! Try  using a brush!»

… I was laughing and laughing…. He’d better be carefull next time:)

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