Good times, shit times…

Hi there!

Starting up a new category in English. I’ve kept a kazakh language wordpress blog for about a year, so if you are a kazakh oldfag you know me for sure. But if you are a foreigner and you do not uderstand the moon-speak around, let me introduse myself. Gastarbaiter is my nickname. My full name is Askar Bazarbay. I’m kind of traditional and may be a little old school, no matter I’m 26 year old.

In this category I’m gonna write about some of our life, I’ll try not to use the friggen copypaste official shit you can find anywere in the internets, only my real observation and personal opinion on various events.

So any foreigner can watch this country with my eyes, and know about it from inside, without any drama. Sometimes I’ll be joking, or writing absurd things, showing a rare kazakh sense of humor but that should not by any means make you think I’m not serious, or cheating you. Not me.

Also, I’m not gonna open any national secrets, as I write on, you wil see that average kazakh life is not too much far from any other average guy’s life in the world.

I’m not an agent, writer or a journalist by profession, I’m just a village guy and writing is my hobby. For great justice, I must confess that not every kazakh villager knows English very well, although we are taught English as a foreign laguage at school. The reason why I have comparatively bearable English is my profession. It’s English Language Teacher Training. But most of my friends never cared about learning English. And it’s still considered to be foreign, not second, or a third language, but foreign.

So, uh…I live in a small town in Kazakhstan, and that does not supposed to mean that I will be writing about my country all the time. Like any youngster the youth here also loves to party. And so do I. But I do not drink horsepiss, and smoke camel shit like some of the barbarians may think after watching Borat movie.

I’m very emotional. May be rude sometimes. I’m proud of my origin, but I think everybody is. So bear with it.

Туралы Gastarbaiter

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