Back-stabber friend

Giving hands to each other in trouble,

We could go through the evil and good,

Yes, indeed, human soul is a puzzle,

You’ve just sold me away for a loot

Can I ever believe anyone

If my trust in your pocket has gone?!

If I hear the sound of tinkling,

When your wallet-like heart is beating?

All these years I’ve been thinking I know you,

But today you have opened my eyes,

And your mystical stories have shown you

As a world class composer of lies.

I just trusted you with my life,

Never thought you were hiding your knife,

Never knew you could go that far,

Now I see how pathetic you are…

Askar Bazarbay 07/04/2005


Туралы Gastarbaiter

10 Responses to Back-stabber friend

  1. 🙂 ойбай, не деп боқтап жібергенсің? 🙂

    Пәлі, жақсылап ырдапсың ғой.
    Соңғы екі қатарын оқып жатып жъладъм :(((


  2. urimtal says:



  3. Nartailak says:

    «Never knew you could go that far» Never knew that u could go so far деп оилим негізі. солай да болатын шығар иә или олай емес па?


  4. Madlen says:

    wallet-like heart… what does it mean?


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