Sexualization of Kazakh Mass Media

Hi, gyus! Today I’m gonna talk about sex in Kazakhstan.

Not sex as an action, but sex as an idea, sexuality of mass media and kazah mentality.

If you know “the sexiest language in the universe ” then click on the link below. If not, too bad. Don’t read the rest. Just kidding%))

Ok, actualy this article is about the sex in kazakh TV. Namely, about new singers and dancers showing off there asses and boobs… C’mon stop laughing!I’m serious. If that was a problem of Europe and US in good- old 60-s this does not necessarily mean that we are several decades aback in terms of democracy. This can just mean that we have an immunity against western influencwhen it comes to sex. Actually west influence comes to us thru Russia… Watching all the kazakh videos in the internet, and all the latest kazakh movies like *Karoy*,* The Present for Stalin*, *Baksy* (all those movies have sex, but there’s no porn or even a teensy -weensy little naked part of the women body shown) and meanwhile reading those ‘frustrated’ articles like above, especially the comments below that article, I came to a conclusion that there’s no adequate attitude to sex in Kazakhstan. When it comes to sex as an action, average kazakh is pretty free…No matter in the village, or in the city…

I haven’t made a massive statistic research but judging by the people I’ve known (I think you can trust me, caus I’ve been a player for the last several years) I can definitely say that we are not sexually ”dumb” or deaf…It’s all there… Nonetheless, we are very strict when it comes to sex as an idea…We critisize sex in TV, sex in movies, sexual behaviour and sexy style of actors and singers… Our mentality is somewhere in the middle of Arabic and Russian. In the internet and life,

I meet many oversexed perverts like Borat, I see a bunch of Kazakh and Russian girls imitating show-girls in the club, trying not to miss the chance of showing their “humps” and ”lovely lady lumps”… And sometimes I even doubt that this Borat is a british jew. But at the same time, there is an army of muslims and christians cursing those sexually excited youngsters..They are very angry, they challenge people to cover their shameful places..

So we have too much sex, and no sex at the same time… Anything in Kazakhstan can be oversexual or assexual… Being too sexy is at the same time a huge sin, and at the same time a high class ticket to join the famous and rich. You really wanna know what I think about this matter?? I believe, we should keep to traditions that do not prevent us from moving forward. It’s up to person, wether he wants to agitate sex or wether he wants to have an antisex attitude, but in my humble opinion, I think ’sex ‘ is just ”between two of us ” kind of thing…

And I don’t want my little nephews and nieces to be involved in this before they are able to respond for themselves. And at the same time, I don’t want them to be misinformed, or even dumb when the time comes. So I did not tell you anything new, right? Nor did I meant to%)) Just a reminder..

Туралы Gastarbaiter

6 Responses to Sexualization of Kazakh Mass Media

  1. Excellent! It srikes as if I’ve just gone through an essay of a hardened composer… You have some very interesting talent! It seems that’re all the words I had in my mind and I share almost the same stand: we’re somewhere in the middle of Arabic and Russian. Undefinite national identity or position, whichever way you may want to call it, creates some starting pad for controversial statements like hereinabove. Indeed that all has to do with some common view at the same angle…. from the similar focus position…


  2. Serzha says:

    сен әлі борат туралы жазыватсн ба? қазір бәрі бруноны қарайды ғо


  3. Gastarbaiter says:

    Сержа, мақаланы оқымай пікір жазба.
    Алсо, бораттың орына Бруно деп жазсам, сөйлемнің мағынасы болмай қалады:)))Өйткені Бруно қазақ емес:)))ол европешка


  4. Extenze says:

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